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They Have One Foot in the New World.

"DISRUPTORS SUMMIT" is a global influence conference brand launched by Star Consulting and BlockGlobe. It aims to provide a high-quality display, sharing and communication platform for countless "disruptors" in this magnificent era, paying tribute to the spirit of disruptors and promotes exchanges and cooperation between the East and the West in the blockchain world.

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Disruptors Summit are bringing together world-class disruptors and influencers in the fields of financial technology, regulation and compliance, blockchain, and digital assets. We take the pulse of blockchain development trends, share predictions and insights for market. From here, we present, we share, we connect, and most important of all, we change.

  • Stani Kulechov
  • Douglas Arner
  • Michael Sung
  • Jay Hao
  • 于佳宁
  • James_Early
  • Richard Wang (王岳华)
  • David LEE Kuo Chuen
  • Miko Matsumura
  • Cao Yin (曹寅)
  • Disruptors Summit is really helping connect the most innovative blockchain and Fintech disruptors in Asia and rest of the world.

    – Jay Hao, OKEx CEO
  • Innovation leads to civilization, Disruptors are exactly the force to change the world and make it happen.

    – Richard Wang, Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Venture Capitalist



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Welcome to the future of Blockchain and Fintech. At Disruptors Summits, we embrace the disruptors in blockchain, digital asset and digital economy from all across the world. We also embrace innovations through collaboration.

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