15th April 2021

15th April 2021

"DISRUPTORS SUMMIT" is a global influence conference brand launched by Star Consulting and BlockGlobe. It aims to provide a high-quality display, sharing and communication platform for countless "disruptors" in this magnificent era, paying tribute to the spirit of disruptors and promotes exchanges and cooperation between the East and the West in the blockchain world.

They Speak At Disruptors' Event

  • Steven Hoffman

    Chairman & CEO of Founders Space,Author of Several Award-Winning Books
  • Sophia

    Crypto Artist, Renowned Humanoid Robot
  • David Hanson

    CEO, Chief Creative Officer of Hanson Robotics CEO
  • Stani Kulechov

    Founder of Aave
  • James_Early

    CEO of Stansberry China
  • Omer Ozden

    CEO of RockTree Capital
  • Richard Wang (王岳华)

    Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Venture Capitalist
  • David LEE Kuo Chuen

    Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Miko Matsumura

    Gumi Ventures General Partner
  • Alexander Lebedev

    Founder of InDeFi SmartBank
  • Cao Yin (曹寅)

    Founding Partner of Digital Renaissance Foundation
  • James WO

    DFG Founder & CEO
  • Frank Fu

    CEO of Math Global Foundation
  • Dr Jane Thomason

    Founder of Supernova Data,Frontier Technology for Social Impact Thought Leader
  • Dora

    OKEx BlockDream Ventures Founder
  • Mindao Yang

    dForce Founder
  • Suji Yan

    Founder & CEO of Mask Network
  • Putin Liu

    CEO of HashKey Hub
  • Wayne Lin

    Founder of Axia8 Ventures
  • Jeff CAO

    Senior Research Fellow at Tencent Research Institute
  • Wayne

    TokenInsight CEO
  • Tor Bair

    Founder of Secret Foundation
  • Vivi Lin

    FT Chinese Columnist, TV Producer
  • Colin Platt

    Advisor & Business Development @ Unifty
  • James Qu

    PlatON CTO
  • Dr. Li Zi

    Former Research Fellow(Digital Design) of National University of Singapore; Guest Critic of MIT School of Architecture and Planning
  • Ekaterina Tarasova

    Co-founder of Idolme.agency, editor in chief of Futuretime.ai media
  • Eric Wade

    Editor, Crypto Capital of Stansberry Research
  • Brian Xin

    Uptick Founder & CEO, Former CTO of MSN China
  • Ray Lu

    CEO & Co-founder at Bit.Country
  • Victor

    WePiggy Co-Founder
  • Yidan Zhao

    Co-founder of Huoxun Finance
  • Jenny Yang

    Founder of BlockGlobe&Star Consulting

Speaker Application

Welcome to the future of Blockchain and Fintech. At Disruptors Summits, we embrace the disruptors in blockchain, digital asset and digital economy from all across the world. We also embrace innovations through collaboration.

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