• Steven Hoffman

    Chairman & CEO of Founders Space,Author of Several Award-Winning Books
  • Sophia

    Crypto Artist, Renowned Humanoid Robot
  • David Hanson

    CEO, Chief Creative Officer of Hanson Robotics CEO
  • Stani Kulechov

    Founder of Aave
  • James_Early

    CEO of Stansberry China
  • Omer Ozden

    CEO of RockTree Capital
  • Richard Wang (王岳华)

    Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Venture Capitalist
  • David LEE Kuo Chuen

    Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Miko Matsumura

    Gumi Ventures General Partner
  • Alexander Lebedev

    Founder of InDeFi SmartBank
  • Cao Yin (曹寅)

    Founding Partner of Digital Renaissance Foundation
  • James WO

    DFG Founder & CEO
  • Frank Fu

    CEO of Math Global Foundation
  • Dr Jane Thomason

    Founder of Supernova Data,Frontier Technology for Social Impact Thought Leader
  • Dora

    OKEx BlockDream Ventures Founder
  • Mindao Yang

    dForce Founder
  • Suji Yan

    Founder & CEO of Mask Network
  • Putin Liu

    CEO of HashKey Hub
  • Wayne Lin

    Founder of Axia8 Ventures
  • Jeff CAO

    Senior Research Fellow at Tencent Research Institute
  • Wayne

    TokenInsight CEO
  • Tor Bair

    Founder of Secret Foundation
  • Vivi Lin

    FT Chinese Columnist, TV Producer
  • Colin Platt

    Advisor & Business Development @ Unifty
  • James Qu

    PlatON CTO
  • Dr. Li Zi

    Former Research Fellow(Digital Design) of National University of Singapore; Guest Critic of MIT School of Architecture and Planning
  • Ekaterina Tarasova

    Co-founder of Idolme.agency, editor in chief of Futuretime.ai media
  • Eric Wade

    Editor, Crypto Capital of Stansberry Research
  • Brian Xin

    Uptick Founder & CEO, Former CTO of MSN China
  • Ray Lu

    CEO & Co-founder at Bit.Country
  • Victor

    WePiggy Co-Founder
  • Yidan Zhao

    Co-founder of Huoxun Finance
  • Jenny Yang

    Founder of BlockGlobe&Star Consulting